Want to explore doing business in Africa?

The traditional markets for Indian Companies viz. Europe and USA are proving no more lucrative thus, Indian business houses needs to explore more lucrative and green pastures developing nations having potential and higher growth. Africa, Latin America and ASIAN countries offer number of trade and business opportunities for India.

The resurgence of Africa has coincided with the rise of India as a global player, development partner and investor. The two narratives are now getting intertwined: be it trade, technology, training or reform of global governance, the multi-faceted ties between India and Africa are blossoming and finding new areas of convergence.

Strong prospects await global companies that invest in the continent’s consumer, agricultural, natural-resource, and infrastructure sectors.

We help entrepreneurs / industries/ business houses in exploring African Markets.

Project Management and Business Development

Change is the only constant thing ……..

Development that keeps pace with change………..

We live in a world of constant change. This is something we know with certainty. All activities we conduct in our business must therefore be adapted to the fast techno-economic changes that occur.

Business development and change management are important for  steering development as needs for change arise.

We offer a number of services that help you to take command over needs for change and lead your development in the desired direction, both when it comes to operations and technology. Many of our services can be combined for this. Our various services help you to understand  the business change process and smooth adoption.