Food retail and branding in india

(Ajay K Gupta) Managing Director

India has been rather slow in joining the Organized Retail Revolution that was rapidly transforming the economies in the other Asian Tigers. Though with a population of a billion and a middle class population of over 400 millions organized retaling (in the form of food retail chains) is still in its beginning in the Country.Read More

Increasing efficiency in food processing sector

(Ankit Jain, Priya Sharma) IT Division

India is one of the major food producers worldwide, with new reforms; it presents exciting opportunities for commercial openings for a wide range of investors across the globe. Indian food processing industry is poised for huge growth.Read More

Data mining and its usage in crm implementation

(Ankit Jain) IT Division

He discussed on various aspect of data mining with IT as support tools. He further elaborated how the processed data can be used by various industries like FMCG, Banking, Telecom, Real estate for the purpose of decision making.Read More



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