Apr 14, 2021

The fourth industrial revolution technology market

Among these technologies were, on top of Industrial IoT which is really an essential part of the whole Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0 and Whatnot 4.0 vision and reality, industrial robotics, cybersecurity, 3D Printing, advanced human machine interfaces, Big Data, artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

How much is really 4.0 here? Industrial robotics isn't new. True, now we speak about advanced industrial robotics (whereby IoT is never too far away and we see collaborative robots too). Cybersecurity isn't new. True, there are new forms and approaches in cybersecurity (e.g. in combination with AI) and there is still a lot of work regarding cybersecurity in critical (infrastructure) environments where networks and the increased connectivity of IoT once more typically play a role (and the number of attacks concerning industrial systems are on the rise).

From a technological viewpoint it™s especially in the integration of various technologies that important fourth industrial revolution evolutions occur and are expected

Yes, 3D Printing is relatively. What is less new but part of the fourth industrial revolution is additive manufacturing which is broader than 3D Printing. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) promise quite some innovation in industrial transformation as do technologies this particular study didn't look at, from digital twins and blockchain to new technologies in areas such as energy, biotechnologies, composites, transducers (actuators and sensors) and so forth.

However, from a technological viewpoint it's especially in the integration of various of these technologies that important evolutions are expected. The autonomous decisions which can be made by the cyber-physical systems in Industry 4.0 in the end are a combination of several technologies. Or take the expected rise of Intelligent ERP where blockchain, AI and IoT change the face of ERP.


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