Providing various consultancy services to aisect

Kamtech is providing consultancy service to the All-India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology (AISECT). The following is the scope of work:

To prepare a detailed road map for the various from rural business hub to exiting agriculture farm extension centers, viz mapping of available resources which would include land, labs, existing skills and other available infrastructure.

Mapping of the present agriculture and horticulture produce in the 200 kms vicinity of the Khandawa and Bhopal Campus and the two industrial plots.

Analysis of Food Processing units established in MP regarding Product Mix, Processing capacity, Sales Channel, Forward and backward linkages including Market landscape assessment.

Prepare various project concept plant including the various stakeholders and financial models with feasibilities. The project concept plans are to be submitted in the form of bankable DPRs with complete details of income, expenditure, market landscape, forward linkages, buyer profile and tie-ups. It is expected that Second Part would facilitate all buyer tie-ups for the First, for whichever project plan gets finalized between the two parties for implementation.

Explore proposals which can be submitted to state Government and other central Governments department and agencies for working in the back ward to retail value chain the present context.

Startup and Incubation related to Agro and food value chain covering following broad segments:






Government INITAIATIVES: How, the planned activities can be synchronized with various Government initiative.

Saksham Gupta CTO, Director

An engineering graduate from Germany, specializations include Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality and Digital Transformation. Have experience working with Mercedes in the field of digital transformation and data analytics. Currently heading the European branch office of Kamtech, responsible for digital transformation, VR/AR/MR projects, AI/ML projects, technology transfer between EU and India and International Partnerships.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saksham-gupta-de/