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Under our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we manage Government Industrial Training Institute (Women) Jaipur and have converted it to a Centre of Excellence. Apart from this we focus on sustainable work through Foundation for Information & Technology Transfer Society, an NGO that undertakes:

Skill gap analysis and arranging skill training in ITIs and colleges

FIITS undertakes skill gap surveys in colleges and industries to analyse the actual industry requirements and undertake industry led skill development trainings in ITIs and colleges.

Career Counselling

Every year thousands of students are provided one-hour free career counselling seminar by FITTS in remote villages, suburbs and tier-3 cities in Rajasthan & Odisha. This is conducted for high school, college, ITI and post-graduate students wherein job opportunities are also displayed at the end of the seminar for the students to apply.

Livelihood enhancement projects

The pandemic has left many young persons across the country jobless or working in meagre jobs to support their household due to skill-deficit. FITTS in collaboration with Kamtech often brings livelihood enhancement projects for such youth which starts with skill development training, followed by capacity building and personality development programs to ensure that young persons can enhance their livelihood through different means be it becoming a Yuva Entrepreneur or getting a promotion at their existing job.

Capacity building of trainers and entrepreneurs

FIITS conducts capacity building of trainers [teachers] in schools, colleges and ITIs to ensure that the students in tier-2,3 cities and suburban towns do not face challenges as they compete in a marketplace with tier-1 students for a job. Additionally, we also impart capacity building training of budding entrepreneurs to help them get on their feet and not give up too soon in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Promote Community work

Giving back to the society is crucial for us and we partnered with FIITS to launch Community Building Programs for young persons that foster leadership, community action, volunteerism, resilience, and self-worth among the participants while promoting community work. The young persons in the country have the enthusiasm and energy to do something for the country but often lack direction and resources. This program is aimed to help such persons and promote community work.

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